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You’re not a Data Scientist…..but

I am interested in data, and you should be to. According to HBR back in 2012, a Data Scientist was going to be the sexiest role of the 21st century! What’s a Data Scientist? If you ask Google, you get a simple dictionary definition which is as follows: “a person employed to analyse and interpret […]

Painting the world around you

Public speaking; the final frontier. For many it doesn’t even get to the first frontier, rather a feeling of dread that starts in the pit of the stomach and slowly engulfs your entire physical being. Public speaking is hard, like REALLY hard! There are those who are naturals, who grace whatever stage they are on […]

A little experiment – get involved!

Public speaking is one of the most feared things to do, in fact, according to some it is more feared than death itself.  L&D folk must be mad then to actually want to get up in front of people on a regular basis and present, guide, talk, chat, facilitate, question and generally be in the […]

Presentation #Hashtag

I mentioned in Swimming in the Social Stream that the outcome of our conversations and learning experience was to create a 3 minute presentation on social learning. This was then to be played back to the other attendees of the Social HR Conference to provide a flavour of the day. No mean feat then for […]

Swimming in the Social Stream

On the 16th October 2014 the first ever Social HR Conference took place at the rather splendid Old Trafford cricket ground. Manchester CIPD branch did a fantastic job of organising what was a unique blend of conference / unconference formats that I felt worked really well. There have been a number of great blogs written about […]

Rage Against The Machine

Rage Against The Machine

I’ve been watching the Collaborate Live sessions unfold with interest over the last few months. A great idea for a series of Google Hangouts organised & hosted by Bev Holden and Kate Hargreaves aka @Stickythinker and @k8clearthinker from Clear Thinking. The Collaborate Live sessions, also affectionately known as #LiveClive over on Twitter are short conversations with people who […]

Changing times and opening minds

Changing times and opening minds

This time last week, I was taking another trip out of my comfort zone as Alistair Nicholls had very kindly invited me to speak at the North West Business Breakfast organised by Manchester Business School. The title of my talk was Why Corporate L&D Needs to Change and How and it felt a good title to […]