I recently attended the Connect HR Unconference #CHRU4 “The power of a socially engaged organisation”. A great event and one that had a very unique approach to capturing the minutes from the days conversations. The minutes were captured by a team of artists from Creative Connection and at the end of the day I took a close up video of the minutes to capture the images and words that had been recorded. I had no idea what I was going to do with the video and after some technical issues and some fab support from Jon Bartlett aka @Projectlibero we managed to get the video on YouTube.

I’ve watched the video a few times and I think I’ll be able to get some good blogs out of the content but in the meantime I thought I’d share the video and just highlight some phrases  that really stood out for me;

  • I hope the connections made today will last
  • Find your tribe
  • Figure out your own beliefs
  • Not everything that counts can be counted
  • Super charged social media learning
  • Dispersion of authority
  • Conversation is the new currency
  • Words are all we have
  • Generate your own content and share it with the world
  • You can’t force engagement but you can stimulate it
  • Set them free stop shutting the conversation down
  • True change is in the hands of employees
  • Give people a voice – freedom not fear = a democratic workplace
  • I work best when I’m trusted
  • How do you get an organisation to trust what you are saying?
  • Can tools change culture or does culture change with new tools
  • Tackling paranoia around transparency and collaboration
  • Overcoming resistance
  • You can’t force social

As you can see there are some great themes here worth discussing in more detail and there’s plenty more; these were just the bits that really stood out to me. I’ll be following this up with a post on the “You can’t force social” theme but in the meantime enjoy the video and let me know if these are the stand outs for you as well or if there are any others that you’ve spotted and are worth highlighting in the comments below.