In my previous post Back on the Stage, I discussed the approaches I was considering using in my talk at Learning Live. I’ve only got 30 minutes so I’ve been thinking of ways to help those who might attend my session understand the journey that I’ve been on. I believe this also needs to include the changes that occurred within my team and the organisation over a period of time.

The journey is important in understanding how I was able to use live online learning and an online community instead of a traditional 7 hour workshop. Despite the importance of understanding the journey, I can’t really afford to spend 10-15 minutes describing it. So instead I’ve enlisted the help of Dipity to bring the story to life. This means I won’t have to cover the history and background in detail in the session so I have more time to focus on the fun stuff but more to follow on this in my next post.

So let’s start at the very beginning as it’s a very good place to start. In 2008 I was new in a learning design role and as I’d expressed an interest in technology was chosen to go to the Learning Technologies conference. The highlight of the conference for me was a presentation delivered by Jane Hart aka @C4PLT that turned out to be the starting point of this journey.  Jane presented the concept of using social networks in the workplace and introduced a number of tools for the audience to go away, research and use. That 45 minute presentation changed my whole outlook on Learning & Development and indeed my approach to it.

So what happened after the conference?

The Dipity timeline below shows the series of events that occurred after the conference and you can click on each event for a more detailed explanation of what each event was and what it involved. This timeline for change shows the series of events that led to me having the experience and confidence to use an online network and live online learning to replace a traditional face to face 7 hour workshop.

I’d recommend clicking the + button until you can see each event, it makes scrolling through the timeline much easier

So this is my timeline for change and I think it does a good job in explaining the journey I have been on. It provides some context and detail around how communities and live online learning were introduced. It also provides some background to the changes that happened within the organisation that allowed these things to develop and evolve.

I’m proud that I was an early adopter (although NOT an innovator) and played a large part in this change and pushed the boundaries of what could be done in everything I did. It certainly challenged the traditional ways of doing things and was part of a much bigger cultural shift that needed to happen for these sorts of approaches to work and be accepted. Even though four years seems like a long time it’s not when you put it in to the context of the organisation and a huge cultural shift within a L&D team let alone across 15,000 employees. In that respect the journey is far from over.

That’s the history lesson over with, next up I’m going to focus on the session and getting in to the detail of what I’ll be covering. I’m just finalising how it’s going to run and as the session is on live online learning there may well be an opportunity for you to be involved if you are interested in playing a part in it. You might not even have to be at Learning Live to join in.

Watch this space