By Mike Collins on the 4th December 2012

I have the pleasure of speaking tonight at a Playground session hosted by Catherine Wilks of Inmovement  on the topic of The Highest Forms of Engagement

I’m excited about being involved in this event as it’s got some interesting speakers and angles but also because I get to talk about the role of communities in helping create engagement and as many of you will know this is a BIG passion of mine.

As it’s a session that promises to be a little bit different I thought I’d move away from my native PowerPoint and try doing something in Prezi. I’ve played with Prezi a little bit but this is the first time I’ve given some thought to using it properly and spent some time thinking about content and design. They’ve given the UI a recent makeover and I can’t believe how easy it is to navigate around and how intuitive it is now. The way in which you can grab images straight from Google images is a big plus and after an hour playing around I felt quite comfortable in creating the presentation I’m using tonight.

It’s bit different and I’m not sure I’ve mastered the design journey but it’s my first shot and I’m sure I’ll get better. The presentation has two elements to it:

1) The power of internal communities and networks and the role they have in reinventing the way in which we communicate and work together.

2) The role of community in supporting your business connect and engage with customers, share your story and build brand awareness.

I’m still learning in my role at DPG plc but the role of a community manager is essential in bringing both of these important elements to life within an organisation and I’m learning everyday. I’ll also endeavor to add some context to the slides perhaps by doing an accompanying audio but I think the images tell the story quite well for now.

You can tune in to the backchannel tonight from about 6pm using the hashtag #Playgroundsessions – hope to see you there

Here is the Prezi – Your Business IS a Community – recommend you view in full screen mode.