I mentioned in Swimming in the Social Stream that the outcome of our conversations and learning experience was to create a 3 minute presentation on social learning. This was then to be played back to the other attendees of the Social HR Conference to provide a flavour of the day. No mean feat then for a group of strangers to create a presentation in little over 3 hours. I remember seeing the look of fear in people’s eyes when this little nugget was divulged.

Oh and as well as presenting back we imposed a little rule as that’s how we roll mwah ha ha ha.

This well meaning and simple rule was this. To use social media as part of the presentation.

There were significantly less people in the sessions starting after dinner (sorry lunch) and I’m sure that had nothing to do with this imposed rule and presentation. No way. The only other rule of the day, ‘the rule of two feet‘ had spoken and people were exploring the other topics and that was fine and dandy. We still had people who returned to carry on the conversations and we had new people who joined us so the afternoon kicked off and continued with a great mix.

Time literally flew and before long our conversations turned to what were we going to do in the 3 minute slot?

Could we use social media? Could we share what we had discussed using the technology that had formed a large part of the days conversations?

Who would do what? How would we do it? What were our options? Questions, questions, questions….


Sometimes all you need is a flipchart and colourful pens to create a masterpiece. We each decided to think of a phrase that summed up our experience of the day and as there were 8 of us on our table and 180 seconds to fill, we would each get 22.5 seconds to talk about that phrase. A phrase mmm…..that just wouldn’t cut it though, after all this presentation had to use social media.


Presentation #Hashtag was born.

Presentation #Hashtag


We ran through the sorts of things we were going to say – after all it wasn’t going to be scripted and we all felt quite confident in representing our hashtag. These words meant something to each of us so we would at least be speaking from the heart. Here’s how it went (Twitter ID’s included where possible i.e. they have one that I can remember)

1. #ScaredToDeath (by @JodiODell1)

Dr Jodi O’Dell set up her Twitter account that very day and was open and honest in her fear of using social media. Even after she had had a session in the ‘surgery’ with @Damiana_HR and following the conversations she was still #scaredtodeath and it served as a useful reminder that social tools are scary. I remember being on Twitter for 12 months lurking before really starting to understand it. It can be a strange and foreign land.

2 #SocialJourney (by @MrfranchiseChe)

Kathryn Orange summed the day up perfectly with her explanation that we had all been on a social journey. Talking, laughing, challenging, listening. Different people, different levels of experience but despite this we had all come together and gone on our own social journey and were walking away with new found knowledge and understanding.

3. #ShareExperiences 

Once of the things that cropped up a few times was “what do I share on social media?” It’s a very good question as some still see social media as a channel to share what you had for breakfast. Pah. For the enlightened and in a professional context social media allows you to share your experiences. Also known as Working Out Loud. It completely changes how you can interact with social, how you derive value from it and provide value for others. Share what you know and what you are doing. The good, the bad and the damn right ugly.

4. #RightTools

Sometimes there is a misconception about what tool is right to use for you personally or for your business. There are so many different tools out there that Twitter might not be the right one for you. That’s OK. Think about WHY you’re using social tools, what do you want to achieve? Be creative, be daring, think about how you want to interact and create value for others. This person arrived in the hope of leaving with a Twitter strategy and left with something completely different.

5. #BeInTheRoom

Irrelevant of social media and fandangled technology be present. Be in the room with the people and whilst the back channel might be interesting people connect with people. There is still (and always will be) something fantastic about making new connection in person, talking to someone face to face, seeing someone’s eyes light up or hearing someone laugh. Social media has it’s place but sometimes you’ve got to be in the room.

6. #Generations (by @Little_Figs)

Our youngest group member by far at the tender age of 18. @DPGplc‘s digital apprentice made some great contributions and challenged some ideas that social media was just for the kids. Do not let your age be any sort of barrier when it comes to technology and social media. The only barrier is in your head.

7. #BringItOn

Perhaps my favourite. Charlotte worked for Hilton Hotels and after joining us for the afternoon session was leaving with her head bursting with new ideas she could take back to work with her. You could actually see the cogs turning lighting up her eyes as to the possibilities. It was a joy to see and sometimes you’ve got to roll up your sleeves and shout BRING IT ON.

8. #Community (by me @Community_Mike)

Never before have we possessed the ability to connect with people all over the world. To find people who share the same passions and enjoy the same things as us. Who can come together face to face but can meet virtually before hand and who can continue developing those conversations and relationships long afterwards. Social HR Conference had community at it’s heart. There were communities within communities – @LnDConnect @CIPDManchester @DPGplc @ConnectingHR to name a few.

When you bring a group of like-minded, talented people who want to share and learn together – great things can happen. Social HR Conference and Presentation #Hashtag was a great example of this in action.

Presentation #Hashtag Live

Were you there?

What would have been your hashtag for the day?