Elephant in chains

I think the key point that Damian and Perry have identified is how kind of events only attract the “enlightened” minds, so unless the people who attend go away with some kind of common purpose that translates into action, they don’t result in any wider change. Even if they do it’s asking a lot for 50 people from disparate backgrounds to change a profession.

OK so perhaps the title should be “Assumed Constraints and Elephant Thinking” but lets go with it as it stands. I’m pleased the new blog is up and running now and I’m not going to set myself any targets to write a blog a week or anything silly, I’m going to write when I think I’ve got something worth sharing or help me think…. simple.

Trouble is I’m having lots of thoughts at the moment prompted by things that are happening at work, the recent LnD Connect Unconference and the conversations I’ve been having with the trusted PLN. Inspiration is all around us and I guess I’m feeling pretty inspired at the moment. I’ve been inspired and encouraged by the recent comments on my first post but the comment from @Burrough is what has prompted this post.



An assumed constraint for me has been having th